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A heartfelt welcome to the internet pages of the Celtic Museum in Hochdorf/Enz!

Here you will find valuable information on the early Celtic princely grave in Hochdorf and you can learn about the numerous offerings in our museum.


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 In preparation: Special Exhibit:                                                                                                                                                                               

The Taming of the Wolf                  
An Archeological Search for Tracks

Special Exhibit in the Celtic Museum
Hochdorf on the Enz             
From 19. October 2013 to 9. June 2014






               Keltenmuseum Hochdorf/Enz, Keltenstr. 2, 71735 Eberdingen, Tel. 07042 / 78911 
Museum:   48° 53.342'N, 9° 0.210'E, Grabhügel: 48° 53.329'N, 9° 0.580'E